"Officially assigned" country codes from ISO-3166, with English and French names249 rows, last changed 10 months ago
Row ID alpha-2 alpha-3 numeric english-name french-name
1 AF AFG 4 Afghanistan Afghanistan (l')
2 AX ALA 248 Åland Islands Åland(les Îles)
3 AL ALB 8 Albania Albanie (l')
4 DZ DZA 12 Algeria Algérie (l')
5 AS ASM 16 American Samoa Samoa américaines (les)
6 AD AND 20 Andorra Andorre (l')
7 AO AGO 24 Angola Angola (l')
8 AI AIA 660 Anguilla Anguilla
9 AQ ATA 10 Antarctica Antarctique (l')
10 AG ATG 28 Antigua and Barbuda Antigua-et-Barbuda

This is the set of all officially assigned country codes from ISO-3166-1.

"Officially assigned" as opposed to "Unassigned", "Reserved [but not currently used]", "Transitionally reserved", "Exceptionally reserved", etc.