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"Officially assigned" country codes from ISO-3166, with English and French names — 249 rows, last changed 2 months ago
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Row ID alpha-2 alpha-3 numeric english-name french-name
240 VU VUT 548 Vanuatu Vanuatu (le)
241 VE VEN 862 Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of) Venezuela (République bolivarienne du)
242 VN VNM 704 Viet Nam Viet Nam (le)
243 VG VGB 92 Virgin Islands (British) Vierges britanniques (les Îles)
244 VI VIR 850 Virgin Islands (U.S.) Vierges des États-Unis (les Îles)
245 WF WLF 876 Wallis and Futuna Wallis-et-Futuna
246 EH ESH 732 Western Sahara Sahara occidental (le)*
247 YE YEM 887 Yemen Yémen (le)
248 ZM ZMB 894 Zambia Zambie (la)
249 ZW ZWE 716 Zimbabwe Zimbabwe (le)