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Row ID contract_id contract_name contract_details
1 DB-0001E Borgh People come from all over the Gold Coast to watch the fights in the Kvatch Arena. Not hear this orc's disgusting lip smacking right outside the arena gates. Convince him to take his snack elsewhere. P[...]
2 DB-0002E Belyn Raviro I am forced to reside with a vassal of a rival house at the Mournhold FIghters Guild. I will not tolerate it. House first, guild second. I trust the Night Mother's Kin have no qualms trespassing on th[...]
3 DB-0003E Sartaj at-Baqar He beat my horse when I brought it to the stable while I was visiting my sister in Kozanset. Even in the Alik'r Desert, it's a sin to beat a horse! He must die!
4 DB-0004E Olgus Ranabi's hired thug east of the Crescent Moons Temple goes too far! I don't know what they call it up in the frigid wastes of Skyrim, but down here in Kenarthi's Roost it's called haggling! Her wares [...]
5 DB-0005E Hanana Oy.. We had a pact, spit on our palms, the whole deal. We hold out for better wages, or Captain Kaleen stays anchored here in Port Hunding. Never thought I'd overhear Hanana wilt like a sun baked rose[...]
6 DB-0006E Tappius Avidius He fled from Auridon to the Gold Coast without paying his tab, and now I hear he spends his time betting on matches outside of the Kvatch Arena? He can't afford his booze, but he can afford to gamble?[...]
7 DB-0007E Etty Derren House Dorell has an agent in Rivenspire keeping careful watch of the traffic through Oldgate. I wish them blinded for a while. Take out their eyes.
8 DB-0008E Calanye My brother is dead because of her, yet she has the nerve to pray at his grave in Marbruk. As if she has the right to mourn him. Kill her. And make sure she's buried somewhere else in Greenshade. She d[...]
9 DB-0009E Nildedrin Alik'r Desert. Bergama. The Stone Oasis Inn. A lone Traveler. My reasons are my own. Anything you find on them is yours for the taking.
10 DB-0010E Ugruntuk Long has my family lived in the Reach, but now I am told I have been promised to a drunkard in far off Betnikh. A more boring life, I cannot imagine! Spending day in and day out in the Loose Tooth Lod[...]