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11 DB-0011E Timion He says he’s been going out every day to ‘work on a painting’. Well, I found his little spot in Marbruk, and if he’s been working on it so often, why is his ‘painting’ EMPTY? I know he’s been gallivan[...]
12 DB-0012E Zalayza The Queen has more enemies than bumps on an Alit. An agent of one such adversary occupies a position at Skywatch Manor that is too close for comfort. Eliminate this threat in Auridon. Discretion is a [...]
13 DB-0013E Izdirah This woman thinks she can swindle me out of my money by cheating at a game of Tribute? Thinks she can freely walk the streets of Kvatch with my gold filling her pockets? I don't think so. That's not h[...]
14 DB-0014E Hurzjhad A local merchant has been chasing away my customers at Elden Root. Why can't he do his business in some other part of Grahtwood? He thinks he can intimidate me because he's bigger and stronger. Well, [...]
15 DB-0015E Shalirr I won the bet. I know I won the bet, but that cat said I didn't and stole all of my gold! He works in the Parchment and Horn, in Marbruk, but he lives somewhere else in Greenshade. Somewhere to the so[...]
16 DB-0016E Garniel This one sees the way one of the stable workers in Rawl'kha stares with unsavory eyes. Sizing up the flanks of the steeds. This one does not wish to know what the worker sees, but trusts it is not any[...]
17 DB-0017E Hlenil Arvel Kitchen Duty at Fort Arand Headquarters. Nobody likes it, but you do it or everybody suffers. We'll we're suffering here in Stonefalls. I've tried disciplining the troublemaker, but lashes aren't gett[...]
18 DB-0018E Edana Jemane There is no 'Edana Jemane' in the esteemed House of Messenia. This woman is a shameless imposter. Put an end to her masqeurade and rid the Gold Coast of her ilk. She'll likely be in her home in Kvatch[...]
19 DB-0019E Sharushnam gra-Luruk What was I thinking? I agreed to a duel I know I can't win, against a member of the Fighter's Guild! She'll be in Glenumbra, waiting outside of the Daggerfall Guild Hall for me.
20 DB-0020E Hantaari My neighbor in Marbruk is writing a scandalous romance novel based on my life. She even has it set in 'Greenshade'! If my husband finds out, it'll absolutely ruin my marriage. I was never one for viol[...]