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91 DB-0091E Njorfar the Gossip That merchant in Eastmarch is always over charging me for my flanks of meat. I've had enough. He'll probably be wandering the streets of Windhelm, drunk off of all the mead he's bought with all of my [...]
92 DB-0092E Thelvamu Verethi The seeds of mistrust are sown so easily among the Dark Elves, even those living so close to the Tribunal Temple in Deshaan. Tal'Deic Fortress already stands on shaky ground. An assassination there, e[...]
93 DB-0093E Miratar Altmer are pompous arsewipes as it is- but the ones in the Mages Guild are just the WORST. They think they're so much better than the rest of us, see us as inferior- when they came into Greenshade, in[...]
94 DB-0094E Clauvis Euginie There's a burr in this one's paw at the Vulkhel Guard Docks whom he would like to see sleep with the Auridon fishes. This one is told this phrase implies murder, but to eliminate any confusion, this o[...]
95 DB-0095E Urizali She's always hanging around by that weird shrine in Shornhelm. I've seen people disappear into thin air there, with no explanation. She must have something to do with it. We don't need any witches lik[...]
96 DB-0096E Farwelayne You don't thumb your nose at the WIlderking here in Greenshade. Not even in jest. There's a loudmouth in Bramblebreach with opinions of our king that ought not be shared. Stuff an apple in their mouth[...]
97 DB-0097E Bivale Moren That thieving little Dark Elf commoner stole my dia- journal! Stole from me! A very important councilman of the Gold Coast! The little pickpocket hides away in Kvatch, just east of the Cathedral of Ak[...]
98 DB-0098E Dalrelvir A Bosmer dockworker in Mathiisen, Auridon has been moonlighting as a pickpocket. He recently stole from me. Return the favor and pick his pocket; take his soul.
99 DB-0099E Agila My landlord is raising my taxes to an uncommon amount, even for The Rift. I can barely afford a slice of bread while she stuffs her face and holds elaborate banquets at the Riverside Inn in Nimalten. [...]
100 DB-0100E Calysa Dathieu King Aeradan of Grahtwood has many concerns that require his attention. Foreign petitioners swarming at the gates of his throne room in Elden Root should not be among them. Usher one off in the most c[...]