The world's stock exchanges, with continents, countries and MIC codes251 rows, last changed 1 year ago
Row ID Continent Country Name MIC Last changed
11 North America Curacao Dutch Caribbean Securities Exchange DCSX 2017-09-12
12 North America Canada NEO NEOE 2017-09-06
13 North America Canada Canadian Securities Exchange CNSX 2017-09-06
14 Western Europe Germany XETRA XETR 2017-08-21
15 Western Europe France Euronext Paris XPAR 2017-08-19
16 Western Europe United Kingdom Euronext London XLDN 2017-08-19
17 Eastern Europe Albania Tirana Stock Exchange XTIR 2017-08-16
18 Africa Algeria Bourse d'Alger XALG 2017-08-16
19 Africa Angola BODIVA XBDV 2017-08-16
20 South America Argentina Buenos Aires Stock Exchange XBUE 2017-08-16