The world's stock exchanges, with continents, countries and MIC codes251 rows, last changed 1 year ago
Row ID Continent Country Name MIC Last changed
31 Middle East Bahrain Bahrain Bourse XBAH 2017-08-16
32 Asia Bangladesh Chittagong Stock Exchange XCHG 2017-08-16
33 Asia Bangladesh Dhaka Stock Exchange XDHA 2017-08-16
34 North America Barbados Barbados Stock Exchange XBAB 2017-08-16
35 Eastern Europe Belarus Belarusian Currency and Stock Exchange BCSE 2017-08-16
36 Western Europe Belgium Euronext Brussels XBRU 2017-08-16
37 North America Bermuda Bermuda Stock Exchange XBDA 2017-08-16
38 Asia Bhutan Royal Securities Exchange of Bhutan <NA> 2017-08-16
39 South America Bolivia Bolsa de Valores de Bolivia XBOL 2017-08-16
40 Eastern Europe Bosnia and Herzegovina Banja Luka Stock Exchange XBLB 2017-08-16