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The world's stock exchanges, with continents, countries and MIC codes — 251 rows, last changed 1 year ago
Row ID Continent Country Name MIC Last changed
242 Asia Vietnam Hanoi Stock Exchange HSTC 2017-08-16
243 Asia Vietnam Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange XSTC 2017-08-16
244 Africa Zambia Lusaka Stock Exchange XLUS 2017-08-16
245 Africa Zimbabwe Zimbabwe Stock Exchange XZIM 2017-08-16
246 Eastern Europe Albania Albanian Securities Exchange XALS 2019-11-17
247 North America United States of America Long-Term Stock Exchange LTSE 2020-09-14
248 North America United States of America Miami International Securities Exchange MIHI 2020-09-24
249 North America United States of America Members' Exchange <NA> 2020-09-24
250 Africa Zimbabwe Victoria Falls Stock Exchange <NA> 2020-11-01
251 Asia China Beijing Stock Exchange <NA> 2021-12-27