How do I generate a Github Personal Access Token?

Creating user/password authentication for your git repo

csvbase can provide read (and write) access to csv files stored in a git repo.

If your repository is private or if you want to be able to edit your data on csvbase, you will need to provide a "fine grained personal access token".

When generating a new token csvbase requires the following Repository permissions:

  1. Contents - "Repository contents, commits, branches, downloads, releases, and merges."
    • Read & write allows csvbase to both read the repo, and write to it
  2. Webhooks - "Manage the post-receive hooks for a repository."
    • Read & write allows csvbase to add webhooks (in the near future) to stay up to date instantly instead of having to periodically poll for changes
  3. Metadata
    • Read-only is default and mandatory for all tokens. csvbase does not currently have any use for this permission.

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