About csvbase

csvbase is a simple web database.

Easy web interface

  • View, add, edit and delete rows from a browser
  • Export to CSV, XLSX, Parquet, etc
  • (Coming soon) comment on specific rows

The World's Easiest API

  • Each table has a single URL, RESTfully accessed by HTTP verb
    • GET to get the data
    • PUT to create/overwrite a table
    • DELETE to delete
    • POST to bulk add rows
  • Works out of the box with
    • pandas
    • Apache Spark
    • R
    • DuckDB
    • And anything else that can do HTTP

Upload via paste from Excel

  • Create a table from any CSV file
  • Or paste cells directly from Microsoft Excel
  • Each table gets it's own API

Completely open source

  • Full source code on github
  • Fully possible to host it yourself (some assembly required)
  • And completely free for open data