How do I use csvbase with Pandas?

Using HTTPS, or the csvbase-client, to import/export csvbase tables with DuckDB

Reading csvbase tables into Pandas

When using Pandas, you can read any table by copying the url into Panda's read_csv function.

import pandas as pd

df = pd.read_csv("", index_col=0)

index_col=0 just makes the csvbase row id the index.

You can also use Parquet if you have the relevant parquet libraries installed (generally, that means pyarrow) but it is best to install that via the parquet "extra":

pip install pandas[parquet]

Then read data with Panda's read_parquet funciton.

df = pd.read_parquet("")

Reading and writing via csvbase-client

Simple reads are done fine with just Pandas, however if you want to do writes or benefit from caching it is best to use the csvbase-client library.

pip install csvbase-client

Then you can do reads using the csvbase:// url scheme (you do not need to import anything - Pandas will pick it up automatically):

df = pd.read_csv("csvbase://meripaterson/stock-exchanges")

Writes are done the same way: